Bush Administration: "We did not lie about Iraq, we were just stupid."

Unconfirmed sources report a new plan to battle against Democratic critics of the war is taking shape in the mind of Karl Rove. George W. Bush has been defending the Iraq policy in a strident war of words but has been looking for a new line of attack. The new talking point debuted by both George Bush and Dick Cheney this week. “We did not lie about Iraq, we were just stupid” or “We did not lie about intelligence, we just don’t have any”.

Washington insiders have greeted the new “We were just stupid” campaign with positive reviews. Bob Novak a right wing critic commented “It’s believable, with the Presidents’ job approval rating at 35%, most people do think George W, Bush is stupid, as do I.” Supporters of the President also feel the “Stupid” defense is the best way to go. The major themes of the Bush Presidency have been honesty and accountability so it’s better to be seen as an idiot than a liar. Democrats contend however that George W. Bush is both a lair and an idiot for getting the US military mired in Iraq.

Author of the “We Were Stupid” campaign is Karl Rove. Rove, the embattled Republican strategist, has been hard at work on the new defense policy. Insiders say Rove has thrown himself into the project to take his mind off the new indictments promised by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Critics of the administration counter that Bush is spending more time defending the Iraq policy rather than creating a policy that will win the war.

White House press Secretary Scott McClellan spoke to reporters today “Without any obvious success to report in Iraq it was time for the Bush team to change it’s political defense of the debacle.” When pressed about the new “We were just stupid” campaign McCellan explained the logic of the defense. “We think most Americans are stupid, confused and generally just don’t know what to do. Our policy is the common man’s approach, we think the patriotic citizens of America will really relate to being stupid, ill-informed and wrong just like the President.”