Bush and Cheney Not invited to Republican National Convention

(Washington : Ucs News) Republican National committee chairman Ed Gillespie confirmed rumors that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney would not be appearing at the September 2008 convention. According to Gillespie, “The Presidents’ screw-ups will be fresh in the minds of the American public, we are hoping a Republican event without George W. Bush can focus viewers’ attention on the future of the party, not its grand failures.”

People are asking, how did it come to this? George W. Bush, once the parties’ brightest star, is now black listed? The Bush administration has delivered massive tax cuts for the rich and loaded the supreme court with young conservative judges, why is the party dissatisfied?

Many Republicans believe the President has turned his back on the party and is ruining the reputation of all Republicans. “The President delivered to the base but forgot about the other 70% of Americans,” stated one forlorn party member. The increasing price of gas, medical care, and declining wages, has many voters reconsidering their party allegiance. Add to that the staggering cost and ever increasing body count of the Iraq war. “It’s over.”

“If the Presidents’ polling numbers don’t climb above 51%, he really is no use to the party,” stated Gillespie.

Committee chairman Gillespie did leave the door open for the President, “I believe a wait and see attitude is called for. If the situation on the ground in Iraq improves we may invite the President to make an appearance, possibly a video message.”

Speaking off the record Gillespie later admitted having Bush and Cheney at the convention would invite anti-war protesters that would “distract” from the Republican candidates position on the conflict.

Gillespie is also very concerned that the number of US troops killed in Iraq will be approaching 5000 in the fall of 2008. “I don’t thing the American people will enjoy seeing a celebratory balloon drop with American blood still being spilled in the streets Baghdad.” You have that right Mr. Gillespie.