Bush and Miers Visit Cancun to Survey Hurricane Wilma Destruction

Unconfirmed sources report that President Bush and his nominee for the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers, have made an emergency trip to the Cancun Mexico to coordinate relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Wilma. The pair landed in Cancun early this morning for a press conference then a tour of the hurricane ravaged resort. They where later joined by former FEMA Director Michael Brown, who had been vacationing nearby, and began planning rescue and recovery efforts for when Wilma strikes the US. This bold display of leadership is sure to calm all the troubles facing the embattled Bush Administration.

During the press conference Bush praised the work being done by the Mexican authorities and offered FEMA’s assistance to help in the recovery efforts.

“This is gonna take some hard work to clean up this mess, hard work.” said the President. “But I know the brave men and women of the US armed forces will do their duty if Wilma hits the US. This is a terrible thing, I know that, and I’m glad I’m not a Mexican, but we are working hard not to be Mexicans when