Bush and Putin Agree to Restart Cold War During G8 Summit

(Washington) Much to the relief of arms manufactures, security firms and older Americans George Bush and Vladimir Putin have agreed to restart the Cold War. There was great concern in many circles that the recent tension between American and Russia would be diffused during the G8 summit, but not worry the Cold War is coming back.

“I have to tell you I welcome the Cold War,” Says Milton Jones of Boca Raton, Florida. “I’ve missed the stability and certainty that the Cold War brought to American foreign policy. During the Cold War you knew who your friends were. Not like to today, today is a mess.”

“This sentiment of longing for stability is a common one among older Americans,” says social worker Martha Grattis. “Things change so fast these days people want something they can count on year after year. The Cold War brought that kind of stability and thus provided comfort.”

Arms makers and security firms are also pleased that the Cold War seems to be restarting as the war in Iraq and fears of terrorism won’t keep sales high forever.

“The possibility of a new Cold War to replace, or even better, augment the surge in business caused by the War on Terror and in Iraq is a very good thing,” According to Boeing Spokesman, Evan Moore.