Bush Announces Release of IRAQ 2.0

Unconfirmed sources report that the President has announced the most anticipated release of the year, IRAQ 2.0. The President went on national television to tell the nation about the new IRAQ 2.0. The White House crowd went wild as the President ran down the list of features included in the new release. The crowed was even more excited to hear that the new IRAQ 2.0 was already shipping and the first units would be in country immediately.

White House sources are calling IRAQ 2.0 the most complete and powerful version yet, and boasts that it’s new features will redefine the category for years to come. This view however is not shared by all experts in the field.

“IRAQ 2.0 is a horror show.” Says John Cole, a noted expert. “The President and the White House have totally blown it. I’ve seen an advance copy of this release and it is a mess. The implementation of it’s ‘new’ features are a joke. Most of the ‘new’ features are just old failed initiatives renamed and repackaged. This thing is doomed to failure.”

The White House has been under increasing pressure to make the release and Mr. Bush is keenly aware that his future stature is riding on the success of this product. Many believe that IRAQ 2.0, while years delayed in deployment, is still not done and Bush rushed its release simply to boost his own standing.

The release of IRAQ 2.0 has been very difficult and has been plagued with problems from the onset. The original development team for Iraq 1 was not well respected in industry and made many choices that had experts wondering if these guys really knew what they were doing.

An initial success caused many to put aside their concerns, but things quickly turned sour as core problems with the product became evident.

The President stuck by his development team long after it became evident that the release was a failure, changing his lead developers only weeks before the long delayed release of IRAQ 2.0.

With such a long and troubled development many wonder if the platform should be abandoned entirely.