Bush Announces Successful Conclusion to Trail of Saddam Hussein

President George W. Bush announced the end of Saddam Hussein’s trial in Iraq today. The President was even on hand in Iraq to hear the verdict and congratulate the parties as they celebrated the end of the process. The President was not all together happy as the court found Saddam innocent of the charges and ordered that he be re-installed as the ruler of Iraq.

The court room erupted in cheers and howls as the judge read the verdict and ordered Saddam Hussein to be freed. Saddam’s defense team cried and hugged each other as security officers surged into the chamber to restore calm. Saddam himself was lifted onto the shoulders of a grateful crowed and was whisked into the streets triggering more celebrations.

The reaction to the verdict across the whole of Iraq was mixed as people on both sides of the conflict claimed the results of the process where rigged. Some even speculated that the timing of the verdict, the day before the elections in the United States, was chosen to help the President and the Republican party. The failure of the court to convict Saddam will surly be seen as a failure of the Bush administration to combat terrorism.

“Hey, what can we say.” Said White House spokesman Tony Snow. “We helped the Iraqis form a democratic government and a legal system based on the rule of law. It isn’t our fault they found the guy innocent. I personally think he should be shot, but that’s just me.”

“The Iraq legal system has spoke.” Said the President, during a tarmac press conference at the Baghdad airport. “The lawful legal system of law and lawyers in Iraq has spoke. Sure, they found Saddam innocent, I don’t like it, I don’t have to like it. The Iraq people, they’s are the one’s who are gonna have to live with this. I’m outt’a here.”

The Press conference was ended early as mortar shells began to fall inside the airport perimeter.