Bush Attends Pirates World Premier in LA

Los Angeles, CA (O! Online) – President George W Bush made a surprise appearance this weekend at the World Premier of “Pirates of the Potomac: The End of the World” which was screened at the LA Disneyland. Thousands cheered his appearance until they suddenly realized that he was not Johnny Depp, who portrays him in the movie, and began pelting him with ice and popcorn, resulting in the secret service spiriting him away before the movie began.

Bush is on holiday this weekend at his Crawford, TX ranch where he is entertaining NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. The White House insisted that the President was attempting to have a little fun with the in character appearance, and possibly hobnob anonymously with the electorate.

“The president was also hoping to meet with the film’s costar, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards,” stated a White House spokesperson. “The president thinks he’s a God, and he’s got all his tunes on IPod. The Stones are his new favorite biking music.”

The White House vehemently denied reports that the president was wanting to discuss the declining health of his own father as well as the controversial “snorting ashes” incident with Richards.

“Pirates of the Potomac: The End of the World” is scheduled for release from the White House later this summer in theatres beginning around Iran. The latest sequel to the hit series of debacles is rated MA for excessive violence.