Bush Blasts McCain : "Not up to the Task…."

WASHINGTON (Ucs News — U.S. President George W. Bush withdrew his endorsement of John McCain on Wednesday. The President stated that John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, has failed to clarify how he’s going to clean up the worldwide mess the Bush administration has created. “I don’t see how he’s going to solve the mortgage crisis, strengthen the US dollar or win the war on terror is started.” explained the president.

“He wants to be the president — and he thinks he will be the president who will bring determination to defeat an enemy and a have a heart big enough to love those who hurt…..I doubt it” Bush said at a press conference in the White House with McCain standing beside him.

He described the 72-year-old Arizona Senator as “somebody who is out of touch and does not have the resume required to solve our nations problems.”

The president made the announcement one day after Barack Obama swept past Former First Lady Hilary Clinton and secured his candidacy by accumulating more than 2,100 delegates he needed to win the nomination.