Bush briefly surveys Tornado Damage in Central Florida

Orlando, FL (APE) – President Bush made a flyover aboard Marine One and surveyed the damage to Paisley Florida and other cities in the wake of a string of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes which occurred earlier this week. He assailed Democrats for delaying his ability to be able to personally inspect the damage, citing his insisted upon appearance at a House Democratic retreat yesterday in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Bush spoke to a number of reporters and survivors in Paisley and responded to questions in regards to the uncharacteristic winter timing of the storms and their possible relation to concerns over global warming. Bush condemned the activities of former Vice President Al Gore, citing what he called “environmental and economic terrorism” that would likely delay federal government relief reaching the people of Florida.

“A lot of these good people are not going to be able to get insurance now,” stated Bush. “Nobody wants to insure anything if they’re convinced another tornado or hurricane is going to come along. Our economy is fragile but strong right now and we can’t have businesses threatened by a lot of environmental rumor mongering.”

Bush stated that he looked forward to working with his brother over the coming weeks in an effort to alleviate the suffering of the storm’s survivors. A pool reporter then pointed out that the president’s brother was no longer the governor of Florida.

“Oh yeah… heh, heh… my bad,” stated Mr. Bush. Bush then immediately climbed aboard Marine One and departed for Washington.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist publicly thanked the White House for their concerns, but then stated that they would be sending a bill for the cost of the president’s security while in Florida.