WASHINGTON – President Bush announced today, that he is canceling the 2008 presidential election.
At a hastily-called press conference, with aspiring Republican presidential candidate John McCain at his side, he said…….

” The Constitution says we have to have an election every four years, but back then, we didn’t have the U.S. Patriot Act, which lets me do whatever I want. Gotta do this, until Iraq becomes a good Christian nation.”

, Both Democratic candidates for the presidency, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, called upon their sniveling fellow-Democrat congressmen to “DO SOMETHING” to override the President’s ‘fatwah’, but as usual, Congress capitulated, and both Democrats and Republicans approved the President’s move.

Republican candidate, John McCain,smiled broadly as Bush ended with; ” Cheney probably won’t last much longer, and my buddy Johnny, here will take his place…. REPUBLICAN’S FOREVER!”

The two men walked from the podium; Bush with his classic smirk and arm over McCain’s shoulder.