Bush Challenges Democrats over "American Express" Card

NewAlbany, IN (APE) – The White House today went on the offensive after the president vetoed a massive bipartisan supported education and domestic spending bill. Delivering a speech to a screened audience of supporters, the president complained that the bill was full of special interest projects, and more than he had asked for.

“The Congress is treating me like a spoiled brat who has had his credit card taken away,” complained Bush.

A study released today by Democrats reassessed the administration’s figures for the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and found that conservative estimates put the total at over $1.5 trillion dollars, over double the administration’s figure, or roughly $20,000 dollars per American family.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid pledged today that a bill would be sent to Bush authorizing only about $50 billion of the over $200 billion he had originally asked for in order to continue the War in Iraq. Reid also stipulated that the bill would include definite timetables for redeployment of troops by December.

“This is all he gets, he can take it or leave it,” insisted Reid, “he’s exceeded his credit limit, both financially and morally. An endless war in the middle east… $1.5 trillion dollars, a rapid end to the needless bloodshed… $50 billion, putting an end to this lawless administration… priceless.”