Bush Cites Iraqi Bloggers as Proof for Surge Success and Immediate Congressional Funding

Washington, DC (Rotters) – President Bush yesterday cited the work of Iraqi bloggers Mohammed and Omar Fahdil as evidence that his surge plan for Iraq was indeed working, and demanded that Congress immediately approve the emergency war spending bill in order that similar bloggers would be able to get out the message of the successes in Iraq. Simultaneously, the White House announced what they have described as an “Internet surge” campaign spearheaded by White House aide Karen Hughes to recruit and fund new bloggers both in America and in Iraq to help suppress the counterproductive news coming from Iraq.

Popular right-wing group blogs “Little Green Footballs” and “Red State” yesterday confirmed that their private efforts at funding a “guest blogging visit” to Iraq for their own correspondents was met with enthusiasm by the Pentagon, and indeed the project had been taken over and greenlighted. One of the holdups had been the cost for security and travel for the visit at taxpayer expense, but the Pentagon has successfully worked out a plan in which the bloggers would be able to post authoritative and informative eyewitness accounts of the situation in Iraq from the comfort of their own homes.

“Mistakes were made initially,” stated White House aide Karen Hughes. ” We really didn’t have an understanding of this useful tool in the war on terror at the onset when former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld first proposed the current Pentagon Psyops Division. Now, through lots of hard work and well-placed funding, we can safely claim that we’re turning the corner on the bad news from Iraq. Just this week in the midst of the president’s successful surge, there was news of a retaliatory mass killing of 60 men at the hands of Shiite policeman in Tal afar that hardly received any notice.”

“As Senator McCain has said, there are many places in Baghdad in which Americans can freely walk down the streets,” concluded Hughes. “And now, thanks to bloggers and the magic of the Internets, anyone can see this for themselves just by clicking on a live web cam.”

Hughes went on to say that plans were also underway for Pentagon integration of the official White House web site along with other websites, to get out the truth in domestic areas such as the hurricane Katrina aftermath.