Bush commutes Libby's prison sentence : Convicted Felons Rejoice!

WASHINGTON (UCS News) — Convicted felons celebrated nation wide upon hearing the news of Lewis Libby’s escape from justice. White and blue collar criminals alike cheered wildly as the news spread through the US prison system. To many the release of Libby proves that crime can and does pay.

In a written statement commuting the jail sentence George W. Bush called the sentence “excessive for a political crony ,” and suggested that loyal Republicans can commit perjury, obstruct justice and lie to investigators with no fear of jail time.

Davis lister, convicted felon from upstate New York, expressed relief of hearing of Libby’s release. “I’m thrilled the rule of law has ended, I’m going celebrate, I’m going to register as a Republican!”

Law enforcement officers Republican and Democrat alike voiced their disappointment at the pardon. Bernard Parks former Police chief of Los Angels stated, “I think this sends the wrong message to criminals. The Libby case sends a message loud and clear. Break the law on the President behalf and you can go free.”

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, The US attorney that brought Libby to justice complained “George W. Bush has betrayed the trust of the American people. I suggest the Justice department close until the Bush Administration has been voted out of office. This is just ridiculous .”