Bush Declares Obama Stance On Hummus: "Simply Misguided"

(Jerusalem-Israel) Republican strategists have to be hoping that President Bush is just assuming the role once played by Casey Stengel or at least is a fan of Norm Crosby. While addressing the Knesset, Israel’s parliament Friday, on the sixtieth anniversary of the country, the President took time to take a subtle swipe at possible democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama. “Happy Birthday, Israel,” said Bush. He then went on, “But had we followed the democratic notion of negotiating with hummus, I don’t think we’d be eating any cake now or matzo. To think that a dish can solve the terror situation, as tasty as it is, is just simply misguided.”

After a long silence, Parliament Member Morey Amsterdam, no relation to the borscht belt comic of “Dick van Dyke” show fame, asked, “Excuse me, sir. But what do you mean?” The President was direct. “Barack Obama thinks peace can come to the Middle East by focusing on a food, and not even an entr