Bush defends plan for terror alerts: "Are we Safe?"

Unconfirmed sources report Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff is not complying with White House instructions. According to insiders, George W. Bush and Karl Rove have been demanding terror alerts in the run up to the November election but Chertoff has refused the requests. Chertoff stated, “The terror alert system was created by the Bush administration to manipulate and terrorize the voters of this country, but I’m over it.”

With the Presidents’ poll numbers sagging, and Americans turning against the Republicans, Karl Rove is now in attack mode. Surrounded by failed foreign policies and a stalled domestic agenda, the Republicans have retreated back to the strategy of fear. The creation of fear, uncertainty and doubt was maintained by the Republican majority in 2004, but five years after 9/11 the voters are fear fatigued and battle weary. In 2006, if fear is to succeed, Chertoff must deliver terror alerts on schedule.

The 2006 Rove plan to instill fear, calls for Dick Cheney to beat the war drum, Donald Rumsfeld to hide, and Chertoff to organize terror alerts. According to Karl Rove, Chertoff is not “performing to administration expectations” The former DHS chief, Kevin Ridge, was the master at trumped up terror alerts but Chertoff has not shown the same political savvy.

On February 15, 2005, Judge Michael Chertoff was sworn in as the second Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Chertoff formerly served as United States Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. According to Dick Cheney “We wanted someone tough on terror but politically aware and loyal to the President.” Kevin Ridge was the model for a DHS chief, but left the position in disgust when the Iraq war made his job “difficult” and “nearly impossible”.

The President is irate. The terror alert was a well used tool to draw contrast to the Republicans strength, versus the Democrats weakness in homeland security. Those close to the President have commented, “with the Presidents’ poll numbers so low the lack of terror alerts is like an itch he just can’t scratch.” The President complained, “Why did I appoint a judge? I need someone of lacking moral fiber that I can manipulate. Can we bring back Kevin Ridge?”