Bush Defends War for Millionth Time During Veteran's Day Speech

Unconfirmed sources report that the President passed a major milestone during a nationally televised speech before a group of veterans on Veteran’s Day. While giving the speech Mr. Bush defended the war in Iraq for the one millionth time. Experts are calling this an important milestone and one that could mark a major turning point in the Iraq war.

“I feel good. Real good.” said The President to the press pool aboard Air Force One after the speech. “I’m loose and ready for another million. It’s hard work telling the American people I’m right. Hard work, but I know I can do it and I know that if I keep plugging away some day they will believe me. Americans are smart, they get it. If I tell them the war was the right thing to do they will believe me. Hell, if I have to tell every American personally I’m right, then by god that’s what I’ll do.”

“The President is showing some tremendous leadership on Iraq.” Says right wing pundit David Brooks. “This man just won’t give up on the notion that the Iraq war was a good idea and he is more determined then ever to convince the American public. His ability to repeat this line in the face of mountains of evidence, scandal and deepening public and international skepticism is not a signal that he is out of touch. Rather it is a signal that he is out front leading the country. The fact that he has had to defend his position a million times really doesn’t reflect poorly on him, it reflects poorly on the American public for not believing what they are told to.”

Many experts on the Middle East believe that Bush’s firm position of this matter is helping Americans standing in the region and will help to build respect for the President.

“Arab peoples really respect a man of strength and determination.” Says Juan Cole author of the respected blog www.informedcomment.com. “Mr. Bush’s zeal in promoting his views is gaining him respect. Even though nearly every Arab believes Mr. Bush is a war mongering lunatic, they also see that he, like themselves, believes strongly in his cause. It is that steadfast belief in one’s self that Arabs see in Mr. Bush and respect. So while on the face of it seems silly that the President needs to defend his war stance a million times, it really is helping him to reach out to Arabs in a positive way.”

White House officials have assured the public that far from resting on his laurels following this achievement, the President is set to defend his war polices several million more times when it becomes necessary.

After his Speech the President took a little time for some golf.