Bush Demands Blank Check to Continue Unpopular War

(Washington, Ucs News) For the third time in as many days President Bush lashed out at Democrats plans to shorten the Iraq war. Speaking to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, The President explained his plans to continue the war “indefinitely”.

Sensing the crowd would be receptive to his classic “red meat” speech the President blasted Democrats for wanting to bring the troops home. Bush stated “I hear the people complain, I hear about our boys dying and getting killed every day…But that is no reason to leave Iraq.”

According to Bush “I want our boys to stay in harms way until the Shites can set up a strong theocracy backed by Iran.” While the crowd understood the need for stability in Iraq they did not like the idea of US troops dying to install a religious state, that would in the end be hostile to the US.

The Cattlemen were polite to the President, but afterwards many were asking themselves “How much longer can this go on without draining money away from our farm subsidies?”