Bush Eases Travel Restrictions on Elbonians

Mudd, Elbonia (Rotters) – US President George W. Bush yesterday announced that he would work with Congress and international partners to modify the US visa waiver program. Speaking in the nation’s capital of Mudd, this was widely viewed as a concession to the former communist country of Elbonia , a long-standing US ally and a member of the original “coalition of the willing” which supported the invasion of Iraq.

“It’s a way to make sure that nations like Elbonia qualify more quickly for the program, and put to good use this country’s resources in the ongoing civil w… er… peacekeeping efforts in Iraq.” stated Bush.

Elbonia currently maintains a force of five soldiers in Iraq, and has threatened recently to withdraw completely by the end of the year after the loss last year of one of its soldiers. Private Viagra Cialis was killed while off-duty in a makeshift mud bath in Baghdad as the mud suddenly solidified in the arid environment, instantly trapping and suffocating him.

Elbonia is an impoverished former Soviet bloc nation, whose main natural resource is an abundance of mud, the quality of which is known worldwide and prized by spas for its natural rejuvenating qualities. Elbonians are considered experts in the handling and cleaning up of mud, and the White House stated that their continued cooperation and contributions would be crucial in America’s ongoing attempts to extricate itself from simultaneous quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan.