Bush Ends Asia Tour With Stop in Mongolia

Ulan Bator, Mongolia (Claw News Service) – President Bush, this evening wrapped up his groundbreaking multinational tour of Asia concluding a trip to the newly independent state of Mongolia. In the first visit of a sitting president to Mongolia, Bush met with president Nambaryn Enkhbayar and thanked the country for their donation of troops to the ongoing war in Iraq. Mongolia became an independent state in the early nineties after the collapse of the Soviet Union and prior to that was under the influence of China for centuries.

Bush praised the relatively new, yet struggling democracy of Mongolia. He cited the abundance of Land Cruisers being driven around by wealthy citizens in the capitol, juxtaposed against the one half of the population of former nomadic citizens clustering in crowded slums on the outskirts, where political corruption and abuse of power has prospered.

In a speech, Bush compared Mongolia’s nomadic and frontier history with that of America, and its quest for greatness. He cited the fact that an obscure nomadic tribesman in the person of Genghis Kahn was able to rise to power, and wound up controlling and conquering most of the known world. Bush later laid a wreath at the tomb of Genghis Kahn, accompanied by first ladies Laura and Condi.

Bush heads home Monday to the US, to a government which seems to have taken advantage of his absence, and forced accountability onto his administration’s Iraq war plans. Spokesperson Scott McClellan stated, “The Democrats have picked a political fight that they will wish that they had never started. The President returns rested and rejuvenated, and inspired by his trip abroad. He looks forward to exposing and exonerating himself to America and the world.”