Bush Enjoys 5k Fun Run with Fidel Castro After Stressful 911 Anniversary

Unconfirmed sources report that George Bush enjoyed a fine 5k fun run with Cuban leader Fidel Castro this morning. The surprise appearance of the two occurred early this morning as the President participated in 5k fun run put on by a local Washington charity. Bush and Castro set the pace on the run and appeared to enjoy each others company. After the run the two posed for pictures and answered a few questions.

“The President really needed this.” Says an unnamed White House staffer. “The whole 911 thing is very stressful for the President. He needed to blow off a little steam, we are just lucky Castro was in town to enjoy the run with the President.”

Seeing the two leaders together marks a real change in the frosty relations between the two countries. Our sources indicate that he two discussed normalizing relations and Cuba has agreed to send troops to join the collation efforts in Iraq. Quiet back channel communications with Cuba have apparently broken the fifty year log jam of ill will between America and Cuba.

Castro looked good and kept up with the President the entire run. He even sprinted out he last few hundred yards and really got his blood pumping. This event should put to rest any notion that Castro is too ill to run his coutry.