WASHINGTON — Following a formal state dinner at the White House of Texas barbecued possum, President Bush took Queen Elizabeth II on a tour of Washington.

First visited was the new section of Arlington National cemetery where the Iraq war casualties are buried. ” We got more dead in the war than you do!” the president winked.

The day following the formalities in Washington, the entourage flew to the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas.
There the formal atmosphere was dispensed with, as the group donned blue jeans and the queen unveiled her special cowboy hat for the occasion.

The queen politely declined an invitation to ride in the President’s pickup and visit the ranch’s horse manure compost fertilizer facility, but she did participated in a game of horseshoes and a Frisbie toss, following the hog barbecue.

” Those Texans are quite uncouth, and I couldn’t understand a word Barbara Bush said,”observed the queen on the flight home. ” Why did she not speak English?”