Bush Finds a Friend and Brother in Mongolia

Ulan Bator, Mongolia (APE) – President Bush praised his Mongolian counterpart president Nambaryn Enkhbayar for his shepherding of Mongolia’s fledgling democracy prior to leaving for home today. Mongolia continues to struggle with charges of corruption, as does the Bush administration, and their current president ran on a platform of fighting political corruption. In meetings with Mr. Enkhbayar, Bush promised to reward Mongolia handsomely for it’s contribution of a small contingent of troops in the war in Iraq.

As a surprise present for president Bush on his visit to Ikh Tenger to witness a troop of cultural performers, he was greeted by none other than his own brother Florida governor Jeb Bush. The governor was dressed as the mystical warrior “Chang” whom he reportedly summons or “channels” during times of crisis. The second Bush makes the third Republican leader to have surfaced in Asia in the last week. The president later delighted the troupe with an exhibition of horse milking techniques.

Critics have scorned the President’s trip as a technical excuse to leave the heat of building unrest in Washington over charges of intentional deceit by the administration in the run up to the Iraq war. It was not immediately clear who footed the bill for governor’s surprise appearance in Mongolia. Democratic committee chairman Howard Dean noted, “I really don’t think that it’s wasted on the American public, that in the last week the Bush administration has burned enough jet fuel to heat the entire city of New Orleans throughout what is predicted to be a very cold winter this year. But, I suppose the president did accomplish something in his trip to China in that they have agreed not to foreclose on America just yet.”

The president is to return to Washington, DC late Monday night, where he is expected to resume with pressing matters of state. First up on the agenda is the pardon for the National Thanksgiving Turkey named “Democracy and Freedom” on Tuesday. Pardons for Rove, Libby, Hadley, and Cheney are expected sometime after thanksgiving, depending upon the progress of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation.