Bush: If you don't like my Iraq war plan, then up yours

WASHINGTON (UCS) — President Bush on Saturday challenged Democratic lawmakers skeptical of his plan to expand the Iraq war to propose their own strategy for ending the bloodshed in Baghdad. “To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible,” Bush said. The President went on to explain his policy is usually to deny the problem exists then accuse his critics of being cowards who hate America.

In a pitch to the American people, Bush said the United States will blame the Iraqi government he installed until the end of his term as President, “….then it will be someone else’s problem to deal with.”

“We have a new strategy with a new mission: helping secure the population, especially in Baghdad,” Bush said in his weekly radio address. “Our plan puts Iraqis in the lead.” Critics are questioning the statement; The President has been putting Iraqis in the lead for 3 years already.

The President then asked for another 4 years of patience from lawmakers and the public. The President also apologized to the families of the next 3000 Americans that will lose their lives while he pursues the misguided war in Iraq.

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate intend to hold votes within a few days on Bush’s revised Iraq policy. The nonbinding resolutions would be another way to show the President the American people voted in opposition to the war. Despite his party being relegated to minority status The President still pretends the war has support.