Bush Loses Iraq War Funding on Season Premier Deal or No Deal

Hollywood, CA (Rotters) – Democrats in Washington today celebrated, as a stunned President George W. Bush lost all Iraq war funding on a special premiere episode of the third season of “Deal or No Deal”. The White House immediately released a statement that the president was under no obligation to abide by the rules of the contest, in that it was his understanding that he was merely playing for charity this evening.

Celebrations erupted on military bases across the United States and in Iraq from GIs who had tuned in to the episode. Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki reportedly declared an official holiday for tomorrow as spontaneous gunfire erupted across Iraq sending tracers into the early dawn sky.

The president had reportedly lost funding down to approximately $1 billion when he made the fatal decision to go for broke and wound up with nothing.

Democrats in Congress vowed to hold the president responsible for his actions insisting that the results of the popular game show were vetoproof.

In a new development, new game show host Drew Carey has reportedly offered the White House the chance to reinstate funding and reclaim the war in Iraq on his premiere episode of “The Price Is Right”.