BILOXI, Miss– President Bush is visiting the Mississippi Coast and New Orleans this week, according to a report in The Sun Herald newspaper. The President arrived on Thursday.

” I enjoy the warm tropical breeze, the wonderful welcome I get here, the music, and especially the great Cajun food!”, said the President as he stepped out of Air Force One. “

A source who spoke off the record due to his White House position, said, ” When the news gets bad in Iraq and Afghanistan, his polls take a little jump when he comes down here to show everyone the great job he is doing.”

The President glanced at his watch,” Let’s get this overwith as quickly as possible, so I can go to Emeril’s for that gumbo and oysters Rockefeller.. have you picked out a nice place where I can have the pictures taken with them black folk thanking me for the great job me, and my FEMA director, Mike Chertoff are doing here?”

With sirens screaming, the President’s entourage quickly roared through the 9th Ward splashing mud over the shouting residents. ” What are the yelling?” queried the President. “Bush, Bush…. er, something.” his driver said.

” I’m glad they are happy!” beamed Bush as the convoy quickly left the fetid odors of the still devastated area and headed for the magnolia-scented plantation backdrop for the photo op, and accolades of the carefully pre-selected cheering section recruited by the White House advance team.