Bush Meets With Danish Prime Minister on Successful Mandate

Camp Brokeback, MD (APE) – After a stinging defeat in the Senate of his proposed constitutional marriage amendment, President Bush met with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen for a relaxing weekend mixed with policy and strategy. After meeting with the prime minister, Bush spoke with the press and offered conciliatory changes which might make his largely Anti-gay marriage amendment more palatable to congress in the next version.

Earlier in the week, rumors had persisted throughout the internet of a possible Bush homosexual experimentation/affair with an anonymous Scandinavian diplomatic official in the 1980’s. The story was not covered by the mainstream media, but seemed to gain a foothold through various liberal and conservative “blogs”. The White House thus far has dismissed the story as a “warped fantasy” and has refused further comment. Conservative pundits have been less than satisfied with Bush’s lukewarm support for the constitutional Gay marriage ban, and some are beginning to feel that they may now have their answer for Bush’s behavior.

Bush’s revamped ideas are said to be more tolerant of the concept of a separate legal partnership from that of a religious marriage, much like is done in many places in Europe. Religious leaders in America are said to be appalled at the president’s perceived backsliding on the issue of the separation of Church and State.

Bush reportedly has a longstanding relationship with the Prime Minister, both are described in the public as “ruggedly handsome outdoorsmen”. White House staffers stated that the two have grown to cherish the dwindling times that they have had together as their careers have parted and individual family demands have increased. “I really love the times when it’s Foghey up on Brokeback,” said the president.