Bush Orders Military Strike on Congress

(Washington) President Bush ordered military strikes on Congress today, marking a significant escalation of tensions in Washington. Air Force bombers began an around the clock attack on Capitol Hill today in preparation for a ground assault that will take place in the coming days. The President made a brief statement from the White House situation room stating “I Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists or Democrats”

The President and Congress were at loggerheads over a spending bill to fund the Iraq war. The Congress was insisting on a time table for withdrawal as a condition for approving more funds. The President wanted the money with no strings attached and had vowed to take unilateral action if the Congress didn’t approve the funds.

“I’m the President.” Said The President, speaking from the White House. “I’m a decider. I decide and the Congress gives me money to do what I want to do. The Congress is not fulfilling it’s role. The Congress is standing in the way of the people. I’m the President for God sakes, if the Congress won’t conform to the rule of law they must be brought to justice.”

The President had apparently run out of patience with the Democratically control Congress.

Air Force bombers struck early this morning shattering the Capitol dome and causing extensive damage to the entire Capitol building complex. An unknown number of lawmakers and staffers are trapped in the building and many are feared dead.

Army troops are massing on the White House lawn in preparation for a ground assault which many expect to be launched tomorrow of the day after. The attack is expected to proceed south and then swing eastward up the National Mall to the Capitol. The war on Congress is expected to take just a few days.