Bush Participates in Nude Cycling Protest in Albania

Tirana, Albania (Rotters) – President Bush enjoyed the adulation of an enthusiastic and supportive crowd in Albania as he participated in an international day of protest staged by cyclists worldwide. Bush, noted for his staunch support for the sport of cycling as well as his recent awakening to the dangers of global warming, donned body paint and joined the “Nude Bicycling” protest which occurred in various countries on Saturday. The protest sought to encourage people to leave cars parked and cycle instead in order to reduce carbon emissions.

“This was a spur of the moment thing,” stated White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. “The president was just really impressed by the warmth of the people of Albania and decided to show his growing support for corporate regulation of carbon emissions at the last minute.”

The president apparently elected to preserve some dignity during the protest, as he avoided going completely au naturale and boasted a black and white body painting depicting himself as a “unitary executive”.

“We really had to cobble this together at the last minute, so we had to get a little creative,” explained Snow. “The black “paint” came from a little shoe polish and some documents we had to destroy aboard Air Force One. The white came from a case of whiteout that we always carry for editing papers and recreational purposes.”

The President returns today to Washington, DC amidst impotent support for his immigration reform legislation. He will be meeting with house minority leader John Boehner to discuss an acceptable position for the Republican Party which will allow for maximum penetration on the issue, given the Party’s currently flaccid state.