Bush Promises Iraq Spending Veto : Will Fund War with Social Security Payments

(Washington D.C.: Ucs News) President George W. Bush has challenged Democrats to send him a Iraq war spending bill without accountability so he can continue the war into 2009. If not The President said “I will get the money from Social Security.”

According to the Congressional budget office the Social Security Trust could fund the war “almost indefinitely” with only a 65% cut in benefits for seniors in 2008. Critics of the plan to raid Social Security to pay for the war are concerned it is not fair to give the rich tax cuts while forcing seniors to pay for the Bush administrations foreign folly in Iraq.

Defending his plan to cut Social Security while extending the war, The President stated “it’s about time the old payed their share.” and “The young are dying in Iraq, the rich get tax cuts it’s time the old and infirm start carrying some of the burden.”

Draining Social Security to fund the war does two import things for the Bush Administration. #1. The money will keep the war going until 2009 and #2. Accomplishes the Bush plan to reform Social Security by gutting it.

Neo-conservatives are thrilled with the idea of ending entitlements and giving the military industrial complex a bank check wage war in the middle east. Ronald Reagan would be proud.