Bush, Putin Wrestle over Arms at APEC Summit

Sydney, Australia (UPSI) – President Bush yesterday met with Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of the ongoing APEC summit in Sydney Australia, and reportedly further discussed the US proposed controversial antimissile radar system for Poland which has created a rift between the two leaders. “We recognize that we can do better solving problems when we work together,” stated Bush. Putin further claimed that the leaders had agreed to meet and travel to Azerbaijan to discuss the Russian counterproposal of a cooperative radar and antimissile system to be based there. The White House later denied that any such agreement had been reached.

During a photo opportunity later in the day, Bush chided Putin in a good-natured manner over recent pictures of the Russian president in which he was photographed bare chested during a fishing trip in Russia.

“I like fishing too,” Bush joked, “but I prefer deep sea fishing… it’s a lot better workout for the arms. Now don’t get me wrong, I think ol’ Pooty is in pretty good shape, but it looks like his arms are suffering a little bit from that fly fishing.”

Putin, in a like manner, then insisted that Bush prove his point, and the two then proceeded to strip down to their shorts for reporters in attendance. After posing for a number of photos the two sparred over the merits of judo versus bicycling in their own personal fitness. Bush agreed to participate with Putin in a demonstration of a typical chokehold for reporters, and was quickly rendered into unconscious submission.