Bush Receives Favor in Ohio, Calls for Impeachment Erupt


Tipp City, OH (APE) – In a dramatic turn of fortunes for President Bush at Tippecanoe High School in Tipp City Ohio, a hand-picked crowd of partisan attendees suddenly turned on him and began chanting for impeachment. Bush had just received a personal favor from the mayor of Tipp City, having journeyed there in an attempt to to address his sagging poll.

“I did not have sex with that man,” insisted an embarrassed Bush, “In this case a microphone is just a microphone.”

The White House was apparently attempting to return to a previous tried and true strategy of well orchestrated and scripted public appearances in order for the president to try to make his case to the public for continuing what Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid described just today as “a lost war in Iraq”.

The decidedly partisan Republican crowd, who in the previous 2004 elections had gone for Bush over his opponent John Kerry by a two to one margin, seemed hushed and a bit uncomfortable initially. However, as the crowd seemed to realize the implications of what was transpiring, they erupted into a spontaneous fit of applause, and began chanting, “Impeach! Impeach!”

“Thank God!” stated B. J. Felatio, a 43-year-old shopkeeper and housewife from nearby Dayton. “I’ll be honest, I supported Mr. Bush all along, but this whole thing has gone very wrong. I hate that it’s come to this but it’s a real relief and I was glad that I was there to see it. Maybe now he can be impeached.”