Bush Rejects Iraq Study Group Report: 2000 more Americans look forward to dying

WASHINGTON (UCS News) Many in the USA and abroad are disappointed in the President’s negative response to the Irag Study Group’s recommendations. Presidential Press Secretary Tony Snow stated, “The President has gotten us this far and the President is still convinced that he knows best.” Still convinced regardless of the mounting losses in men and material.

While George W. Bush is convinced he still has the solution, more than 2000 US troops can now look forward to being killed in Iraq before the Bush presidency ends. Pentagon insiders are complaining “It’s very hard to recruit more troops when they know they will be killed or injured due to the President’s stubbornness.”

Many that once supported the President and the war effort have now become critics. “It’s time that our WAR President changed his stripes. We need some patience, thoughtfulness and diplomatic efforts.” So far we have nothing.

With no clear direction forward in the war torn Iraq we can expect atleast 2000 more brave Americans killed in the Presidents personal meat grinder. By the time George W. Bush retires to his peaceful Texas ranch 5000 Americans will be dead and 35,000 more will be wounded.

Let us pray that George W. Bush will admit he was wrong and start listening to the advice of others.