Bush Response Eclipses Protestors in Guatemala

Guatemala City (UPSI) – President Bush’s daylong trip to Guatemala was again marred by protests throughout the country. Bush, however, remained steadfast in his insistence upon deportation of illegal immigrants in America, a large majority of whom hail from Guatemala and nearby Nicaragua, as he simultaneously attempted to tout the benefits of free trade agreements achieved in 2005. The stop was the first in which Bush appeared to gesture to the crowds and acknowledge the presence of protesters.

Bush was actually seen and photographed later in the day in a staged event in which he helped to load a flatbed truck with free-trade lettuce headed for America. The entire shipment was reportedly later intercepted by Guatemalan government inspectors over suspicions of possible E. coli contamination after it was learned that the president had not washed his hands after gesturing to the crowds from his limousine earlier that morning.

Bush concluded his visit with a trip to ancient Mayan ruins in Tecpan. Protesters again there condemned the president for what they viewed as a pollution and desecration of a holy site. Myan priests confirmed that they had indeed been unsuccessful in cleansing the religious site after Bush’s visit.

Bush flies to Mexico overnight for a daylong visit and he is scheduled that evening to attend a performance of the off-Broadway play “Moon over Montevideo”.

Throughout his trip, the president has been dogged by arch nemesis Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, who has had a successful tour of other countries in South America offering aid and support from his country and preaching an anti-Bush message. Chavez today described Bush’s presence in South America as “waning”.