Bush Returns from Secret Visit to Narnia After Meeting with Aslan

The White House announced late last night that far from being at Camp David over the weekend the President has been to Narnia to visit the troops. The President made the surprise visit to Narnia Friday night and spent much of his time visiting with American forces in the Narinian theater of operations. Bush returned through the wardrobe late Sunday night after an important meeting with Aslan.

It was a very busy trip for President from the moment he stepped through the wardrobe into Narnia. On Saturday he met with wounded troops waiting to come back through the wardrobe for more advanced care. The President commiserated with the troops about the long wait to get back through as the flood of incoming supplies keeps the wardrobe traffic blocked for return traffic for days on end. He thanked them for their brave service and told them they would be exiting Narnia soon.

The President then spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday touring the forward areas of the American held territory of Narnia and met with the American commander Asland to get detailed information about the search for the terrorists Edmond and the White Witch.

After meeting with Aslan Bush gave a brief, but rousing speech to a group of Marines where he reaffirmed his belief that Edmond and the White Witch would be found and Narnia would be saved.

“I have been assured by Aslan that he and his men with make whatever sacrifice is needed to bring the terrorists Edmond and the White Witch to justice.” Said the President. “We will not cut and run back through the wardrobe. We will not let Narnia remain in the clutches of the evil White Witch. As God is my witness we will have victory in Narnia!”

After the speech the President took some time to play golf with Aslan and then came back through the wardrobe in time for a late snack and an early bedtime at the White House.