Bush, Rice off to Asia

Washington, DC (Rotters) – President Bush, rejuvenated from a Veteran’s Day public tongue lashing and name calling of democratic critics of America’s War in Iraq, heads to China and Asia today with secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, who earlier last month smoothed the way for him. The embattled Bush flees some of the lowest poll numbers in history for a sitting president. “I’m really looking forward to my trip,” Bush told reporters last week.

A recent CNN poll placed Ms. Rice as basically the only administration official with a modicum of trust in the eyes of the public at a whopping 59%. Vice president Dick Cheney finished last, in the low twenties, behind even controversial presidential advisor Karl Rove. This is a possible explanation for Mr. Bush’s more recent increased public association with Ms. Rice.

Whitehouse spokesperson Scott McClellan vehemently denied that the president was attempting to ride the tail of his secretary of state. “Of course people are going to talk,” said McClellan, “The bottom line is Ms. Rice is a team player and has been all along.”

Bush and Rice’s trip will start off in Kyoto where they will visit a revered Zen Buddhist temple – Kinkakuji, a popular site for young lovers and newlyweds. Rice and Bush will later be pushing beef, and meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to discuss the Japanese bans. They will later journey to Korea and China, eventually winding up in Mongolia, where Bush will be the first seated president to tour in history. He is expected to lay a wreath at the purported grave of Genghis Kahn, one of the last great world conquerors, who came from Mongolia.

The first lady, Laura Bush, will not be accompanying the president on the tour at the president’s request, stated Scott McClellan. He felt it more important for her to be home with the president’s dog, Barney, who has apparently recently fallen ill.