Bush Rushed to New Orleans Hospital after Photo-Op Accident

New Orleans, LA (APE) – President Bush was rushed to a New Orleans hospital after being hit in the eye with a pen tossed to him to autograph a volunteer worker’s mailbox. Upon finding that there were no ophthalmologic specialists left in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, he was immediately flown back to Washington, DC, where his personal physician described him as fortunately unhurt and very lucky. The president will have to wear a pirate-like eye patch for the next few days, but should have no lasting problems according to the physician.

The incident occurred yesterday as the president was visiting a group of volunteer workers to thank them for doing a difficult job that apparently his administration can’t. A worker tossed Mr. Bush a pen to autograph a joke mailbox that had been erected with “George Dubb-Ya” written on it. The president claims that he lost sight of the pen in the sun, and it briefly impaled him in the right eye. Secret Service Men immediately wrestled to the ground the volunteer worker who had tossed the pen.

The president made a quick recovery, and clearly in pain, plucked the pen from his eye, squinted, and signed the mailbox. He was then rushed from the scene by the Secret Service. The volunteer who tossed the pen is still in local custody and is expected to be released today pending completion of an FBI investigation.

This was the president’s eleventh photo opportunity visit to the ravaged Gulf Coast area since hurricane Katrina made landfall last year. With the advent of this years hurricane season weeks away, Bush is seeking to reassure an increasingly doubtful public of his administration’s competency.

White House spokesperson Tony Snow stated that the president was again grateful for the efforts of volunteer workers, and stressed that this incident should prove to people that some areas of New Orleans are still as yet unsafe for return.