Bush Rushes Home to Attend Funeral of Captain America

The President cut short his South American swing today to attended the funeral of World War II veteran and super hero Captain America. Captain America was laid to rest today in Arlington Nation Cemetery and given all the honors befitting a veteran, even as controversy surrounds his cold blooded murder on the steps of the Supreme Court Building.

The nation is deep in mourning for one of it’s favorite sons, but tears have not clouded the hard eyes of those who demand to know who killed Captain America. Rumors are swirling around the capitol as officials try to determine who perpetrated this dastardly deed.

Suspicion has fallen heavily upon the Bush administration itself for it is no secret Captain America was not a fan of the President’s policies surrounding civil liberties and the Patriot Act.

“Captain America was silenced by the Bush administration.” Says Martin VanKopf, director of The Americans For Civil Liberties and Freedoms Organization. “He was the loudest voice for all freedom loving Americans. He spoke truth to power and they shot him down like a dog. To see the President standing over his coffin makes me sick.”

The White House, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DOD, and the Secret Service all deny any involvement in the killing, but each agency had security agents in and around the Supreme Court building when the shooting took place.

The mystery surrounding the death of Captain America will no be solved anytime soon, but for America’s sake one hopes his death will not be in vain.