Bush Speaks Candidly about the NSA, Guantanamo Bay and the Patriot Act

Unconfirmed sources senior writer Chuck Terzella who has been on secret assignment at the White House landed an exclusive interview with the President on Saturday. Terzella found the President in a frank congenial mood and willing to speak for the first time about his views on many very sensitive issues surrounding the ongoing war on terror. Terzella asked tough questions and the President answered every one of them with equal toughness and a refreshing honesty not often shown to the media.

CT: Mr. President thank you for this opportunity to speak with you.

GWB: Your welcome. And I’m real sorry about the strip search and mild beating you got in the waiting room. My guys are a little sensitive about the media right now.

CT: Thanks. I appreciate that. Many people are concerned that your ordering the NSA to spy on Americans is unconstitutional and against he law. How do you feel about that?

GWB: I gott’a tell you, it really burns my bacon. I’m the President for gods sakes, and if I want to spy on someone them I’m going to spy on them. We’ve got a war on in America. The terrorists want to destroy America and freedoms we believe in. I’ve been giving the job to defend America and I’m going to do it, no matter what it takes.

CT: But isn’t spying on your own citizens reducing their freedoms?

GWB: What the hell are you talking about? I’m no evil dictator. I’m the &%$#ing President of the United States! I’m one of the good guys, I can’t do anything wrong. I’m a heroic war President. You do know we are at war?

CT: So it’s ok to spy Americans?

GWB: We are not spying on Americans. We are like a