WASHINGTON– Scores of Washington police lined the streets yesterday as the pro-Bush organization, ‘Follow the Leader’ planned to march in support of the President and his policies.

Both the Police and the Washington Post agreed on the turnout; ‘one person.’

The march consisted of Kenneth Dugan who drove from Salamander, Kansas in his 1982 Dodge convertible decorated with flags and pro-Bush slogans.

After viewing the empty streets, Police Commander Oliver Young ordered the police to return to their normal jobs.
Fox News reporters with nothing else to do, pointed their video cameras at scheduled speakers; Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, and Ann Coulter, as they hastily sped off in their limousines after observing the lack of participants.

Washington Times reporter, Diana Renfrew, interviewed Dugan before he also drove off.

” I’m disappointed at the turnout,” said Dugan. “I guess the high price of gas caused the members of ‘Follow the Leader’ to stay home. Too bad. Even though the turnout was somewhat disappointing, I know that our members, out there somewhere, are supporting our great president, George W. Bush, who will undoubtedly go down in history with Lincoln and Washington! I’m sure,” observed Dugan, ” that Those crazy liberal and cowardly organizations who have bad things to say about Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez and others of our fine statesmen will be drowned out by the overwhelming influence of our organization,’Follow the Leader’, as our heroic Christian soldiers kill and maim to bring Democracy to the ragheads.”

With his special horns playing ‘ God Bless America’
and flags waving in the breeze, Dugan drove throgh the police barricades to the Department of Agriculture where he registered a complaint about the small size of his monthly food stamp allotment.