Bush to Announce Guilty Verdict in Saddam Hussein Trial

Unconfirmed sources report the Bush administration is planning some last minute political theater ahead of the November 7th election. The President has instructed the Iraqi government to announce the guilty verdict on the 5th of November at 7:55 PM. The White House has asked that the networks plan for a 5 minute speech so the President can give the good news without interrupting Desperate Housewives.

The Oval office speech will highlight the guilty verdict as a “Victory” in Iraq. A “Victory” that shows progress is being made in Iraq and that The Republician party is responsible for that “Victory”. The President will downplay the incredible loss of life, huge expense and the failure to find weapons of Mass destruction while avoiding altogether the deadly civil war raging across the country. Instead the President will focus on the positive results of the show trial.

White House staffers and Karl Rove have been struggling to come up with the positive results of the show trial, while Iraq is steadily slipping deeper into its civil war. I’m almost sure they will think of something in the next 3 weeks.

Juan Cole noted middle east expert from the University of Michigan has seen a draft of the speech. “it’s remarkable really” says Cole. “i would not have expected the President to use the Saddam genocide trial as a tool for his partisan propaganda machine.” Cole went on to complain the sad deaths of hundreds of innocent people is not suitable for use as a pre election sound bite.

Others experts contend that in the history of warfare it is the victorious nation that stages the show trial. In the case of the Saddam trial, the United States government feared waiting for the war to be finished would fatigue audiences in both Iraq and the United States. “A 10 year delay would not be useful, we can’t wait for the war to be won .’ stated a Pentagon staffer. That is, IF the war can be won?