Bush to Push New Peace Plan While in Israel: Nuke Gaza.

Unconfirmed sources report that President Bush and Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Olmert have agreed on a new peace plan for the Middle East. Under the new peace plan Israeli and US combat forces will invade the Gaze strip and drive the entire Palestinian population into the sea.

The President voiced frustration with the lack of process and is hopeful the new plan will finally resolve the geo-political quagmire. “I’ve been to Israel twice in the five last months, and believe me it’s not because I like the food. I’m trying my best here to build a legacy and I figure Middle East Peace is my best option. Our new plan will make Gaza peaceful alright.”

The President then joined Olmert on a reconnaissance mission deep into to the Gaze strip where the two kicked in doors together and waved guns at innocent people. After the mission Bush spoke to reporters about what he had leaned.

“There is just no talking to these people, about peace.” Said the President. “Hell, half of’em don’t speak American.”