Bush to Veto War Spending Bill : "I will bring our boys home now!"

(Washington DC : Ucs News) President George W. Bush stunned war supporters when he vowed to veto the Iraq War funding bill passed by congress. The President stated that he has “had enough” and “will bring the Democrat’s misguided war to an end.”

The Democratically controlled Congress passed a $128 Billion sending bill designed to fund the Iraq war through the end of the Bush presidency. The President surprised the nation by joining the daily press briefing and stating that he would veto the funding measure.

According to Mr. Bush “With no funds the congress will be forced to bring our boys home.” While the President made his intentions clear to the press, Vice President Dick Cheney was tasked to inform congress of the new White House policy.

On Capital Hill Cheney Blasted Democrats for passing the spending bill. “This legislation will only embolden the terrorists, the President will show his strength by vetoing this bill.” According to Cheney “The lies are over, the people have spoken and they want this war to be over.”