Bush Travels to Alaska to Survey Katrina Recovery Efforts

The President has started a two day tour of Katrina recovery efforts starting with a fly by of the Gulf Coast and stops in Fairbanks and Juneau Alaska. With mid-term elections on the horizon the President is making a Katrina Recovery Victory tour to prove to America that he and his Republican party are the only ones who can repair the Gulf Coast.

The President’s tour of Katrina damage began with a low level flight over Ohio and South Dakato to carefully inspect the progress of New Orleans’ levee repair. “They look good, real good from here.” Said the President from aboard Air Force One. “The efforts of the Federal government have made a big difference. FEMA and the Army Corp of Engineers have done a heck of a job with them levee’s. I’m proud, real proud of our efforts.”

The President’s tour of storm damage and recovery efforts continued on the ground in Fairbanks. The President toured several neighborhoods and met with dozens of residents.

“I gotta tell ya, this place looks great.” Gushed the President standing in front of a small well kept home. “It doesn’t even look like a storm was here at all. The recovery of this town from Katrina is a testament to the can-do sprit of America. I can’t find any sign of Katrina damage anywhere. When it comes to Katrina recovery I’m saying Mission Accomplished.”

The President spent a few more hours on the ground in Fairbanks before finishing the day in Juneau. The President plans on spending the rest of his damage assessment tour carefully studying the game fish population from a small research vessel.

By highlighting the progress of recovery efforts the President is determined to capitalize on the good feelings the country has for the Bush administration’s Gulf Coast recovery efforts. If the Presidents reception in Fairbanks is any indication, the President and the Republicans are in for smooth sailing during the coming mid-term elections.