Bush Travels to Iraq to Set New Course, Himself

Unconfirmed sources report that President Bush has made a secret trip to Iraq following his meetings in Indonesia yesterday. The secret visit, which is ongoing at this hour, is being used by the President to gain a new understanding of the Iraq situation. The President has decided the only way to see what is going on in Iraq is to kill a few terrorists himself.

“Everybody knows this President is not afraid of some hard work.” Said White House spokesman Ben Lion, from Baghdad. “Mr. Bush is keenly interested in finding out what exactly is going on, so here we are. And besides there is no more brush in Crawford and the President wanted to get out of the hostile environment of Washington for a while.”

“The President has done it again.” Says Washington watcher Ken Philby. “Just when you think he is down for the count he comes back with a political master stroke. The images of Bush kicking in doors and shooting terrorists is sure to score points with the folks back home. I think he has proved once and for all that he is no ‘out of touch’ Presidential faker. This guy is willing to put his butt on the line when things are going sour.”

The President’s visit is sure to be a real boost to the troops with whom he is serving, and not just because he is riding in an armored Humvee. No, the President has shown that he is willing to take a hands on approach to the situation and plot a new course in Iraq.

The Presidents visit seems to prove that the findings by the Iraq Survey Group have hit home at the White House. The group has recommended the President take a more hands on approach to the war and make it his top priority.

We don’t know exactly how long the President will be fighting in Iraq, but his staff has indicated that he will stay there until he has made a difference. That sounds like it could be a very long time, but fighting in Iraq might just be easier that dealing with a Congress and an American public that is ready for some real changes in Washington.