Bush Twins Bare all for Vanity Fair

Washington,DC (O! Online) – With a critical midterm election looming, and their father mired in a wiretapping controversy, the Bush twins have again stepped forwards and bared all in an attempt to bail him out.

Under the artful eye of White House special assistant Karl Rove, the twins, Jenna and Barbara will be appearing on the cover of next month’s Vanity Fair initial Washington special edition.

The President agreed to be photographed as well, but elected to remain clothed. The President decided to appear after a reluctant Alberto Gonzales backed out.

Rove explained, “We had a wealth of Republican Party leaders who were interested in posing. These are such beautiful people, beautiful women, and who doesn’t want to see a bit of them.”

Rove went on to explain that this was the kick-off for a new campaign to get the American public more comfortable with domestic wiretapping in the war against terror. The campaign will stress that true Americans should have nothing to hide and be comfortable with a little invasion of privacy.