Bush vetos war bill, but war isn't over? : GOP sex scandal : Wolfy and Gonzo hang on….Unconfi…

George W. Bush : Trending Down
Iraq war veto great news!…not really?
Bush delivers just what voters didn’t want…more years war.

Alberto Gonzales Paul Wolfowitz : Trending Up
Survived slow news week, Both scandals died in Virginia.
Proving again and again- it’s not what you know…. it’s who appointed you.

Condoleezza Rice: Trending Down
Saves her toughest talk for the Democratic congress.
History will be cruel to you.
Question? Will you get your oil tanker back in 2008?

Tony Snow : Trending Down
Survives near death experience……..again.
Question? Why waste your precious life sand bagging for Mr. 28%

Randall Tobias and the GOP : Trending Down
Classic Washington sex scandal
“Abstinence programs ineffective” LOL