Bush War Speech: Steve Jobs and Apple to take control of iRaq

(Washington : Ucs News) In a surprise announcement the President of the United States, George W. Bush, revealed his new plan for the iRaq war: Give control to Steve Jobs, the co-founder and current CEO of Apple Computer. After five years of blunders, miscues and mistakes, the President will now pass control of the war to Jobs a “more qualified leader”.

According to the President, Steve Jobs was selected to continue the iRaq war due to his success with many things that start with the letter “i”. During the 5 years George W. Bush blundered in iRaq, Steve Jobs turned the iMac, iPod, iTunes, and iPhone into a sprawling media empire.

In his speech, the President explained that Jobs has shown an incredible talent for organization, flexibility and problem solving. “Steve Jobs is a man of vision, unlike myself. I am better at just spewing meaningless partisan talking points,” said the President.

Steve Jobs is no stranger to adversity. When he returned to Apple in 1996, the company was facing huge losses and had lost its way. Jobs took control and within two years the firm was on the offensive. Jobs led Apple’s successful assaults on the MP3 player and cellular phone markets.

With the iRaq conflict sinking deeper into an intractable mess, Jobs will have huge challenges but industry watchers expect nothing less than success for Jobs in iRaq. In the recent past, Steve Jobs has shown an ability to create useful and loved products. Now, with the Pentagon and Presidents’ backing, Jobs has been tasked to remake iRaq into an object of desire. Good luck Steve.