Bush's Approval Ratings Hit New Low: Administration Fights Back

Washington, DC (APE) – With more and more Americans voicing their disapproval of the President through poll responses, the administration has gone on the offensive. Seeking to recapture the “folksiness” vote, in which President Bush was previously viewed as someone the average Joe could sit down and have a beer with, the White House announced today a new “Have a Beer With the President” 12 city tour. With nearly four out of five Americans believing that civil war will break out in Iraq, including 70 percent of Republicans, White House spokesperson Scott McClellan stated, “We just want to show that the President shares their concerns and feelings.”

The most recent APE-Dipsos poll showed the President’s overall rating at an all time low of 37 percent. His job approval rating plummeted from 82 to 74 percent in just under a month, with huge losses among white males, previously a Bush strongpoint.

“I’m not happy with how things are going,” said Joseph Bleaux, an out of work lifelong Republican from Atlanta, Georgia, whose tech support position was recently outsourced to India. “I’m not happy with Iraq… we should have been in and out of Iran by now. I’m not happy with how things have worked out with Hurricane Katrina… just look at all the deadbeats from New Orleans we’ve had to absorb here in Atlanta, not to mention places like Houston.”

Mr. Bleaux continued: “I’ve heard his (Bush’s) ideas over and over. Maybe that would be a good idea to sit down with him over a couple of beers, and see if they made sense then. They used to make sense… then I lost my job and had to stop drinking. Sure, I’d be up for it, if he’s buying.”

McClellan stated that the White House had high hopes for the 12 city tour. “While the President still doesn’t condone drinking, this is a good way to get back in touch with our base,” he said. “Everyone knows that drinking beer isn’t really drinking in the ‘consuming alcohol’ sense, and the President has been a long time supporter of this conservative stance.”