Washington — President Bush has announced plans to make his twelfth photo op trip to New Orleans.

Karl Rove, in a surprisingly candid moment, told Unconfirmed Sources that he suggested the trip to the President to detract from all the bad news regarding the Iraq ‘surge’.

Rove said, “When things get a bit unpleasant for the President; Iraq, Libby, Gonzales….. and other items hitting the fan, we arrange for a diversionary event; The myopic media quickly picks up on it and we get a breathing spell.”

“In the past,” he said, “we have successfully arranged phony terrorist alerts. Yesterday we promoted the earth-shaking story that Larry Birkhead arrived in Kentucky with Anna Nicole-Smith’s baby. Wow! did they latch onto that! It trumped Iraq! If one inner-city gang member gets bumped off in a drive-by shooting, we push that for all it’s worth to hide two hundred getting killed in Baghdad by a car bomb. We’re pushing several items for all they’re worth, and any media that doesn’t replace Iraq with these, will get their White House press passes revoked. Here’s our feed for today: De La Hoya-Mayweather fight,
Spiderman 3, Queen at Kentucky Derby, Paris Hilton sentenced to 45 days, American Idol finals, D.C. Madam.”

“The Katrina trip will make news when the President flies over the 9th ward in Air Force One and he spots an old African-American woman who has been on a rooftop since August 29th 2005. He will order the plane to immediately land, and he will personally be lowered from a helicopter dressed in an Air Force uniform and rescue the woman.”

The hand-selected crowd placed nearby [ All the President’s audiences are carefully hand selected] will hysterically cheer and applaud. Wait until you see how Fox News grabs that!” gushed Rove. ” I have to go and help the President get fitted with his custom-made Air Force Uniform, so if you’ll excuse me.”….. and off he skipped.