California County Clerk Refuses to Marry Gay, Interracial and Irish Couples

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that a county clerk in California has refused to perform civil marriage ceremonies for couples that offend his religions beliefs. Following the example set by San Diego County Clerk Gregory Smith, who is contemplating allowing his clerks to refuse services over moral and religious objections, Marble County Clerk Jeff Forthright has refused to marry a gay, interracial, Irish couple.

The uproar began yesterday when an Irish, interracial, gay couple arrived at the Marble County Court House to be married after the California Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal to deny gay couples the right to marry. County Clerk Jeff Forthright refused to marry the couple sighting moral and religious objections. The couple then contacted the local newspaper and now Marble County has taken center stage in the gay marriage debate.

“Look I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like gays, Irish and black people, so why should I have to provide services for them.” Said Forthright. “I’m taking a stand for the moral strength of Marble County just like Gregory Smith is doing for San Diego. I have religious and moral objections to marrying these people, so I’m not going to do it.”

Marble county locals are behind their county clerk and have even protested in support of his stance.

“This area went to hell when the damn Irish came here in 1840,” says county resident Anita Jobs, “I just wish them and the blacks and the homos would just leave us alone.”